Blog Post Revolutionizing the Virgin Islands’ Job Market

Revolutionizing the Virgin Islands’ Job Market



Revolutionizing the Virgin Islands’ Job Market

Job market efficiency brings better results for both job seekers and employers American territory in the Caribbean, US Virgin Islands, is a home to more than 100,000 people hired mainly with tourism and government sectors. With almost 10% unemployment rate in the recent years and tough economic situation due to recession, it is becoming increasingly challenging to land on a great job or to find a suitable candidate. Many from the continental United States and from across the world wishes to make Virgin Islands their home and therefore, actively engage in job searching. Traditionally, Virgin Islands’ Department of Labor and local offline newspapers have been the only major source for job and talent hunting for job seekers and Virgin Islands’ employers. Challenge: Traditional job and talent hunting mediums like local newspapers and Virgin Islands’ Department of Labor have not only been inefficient but also were unable to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce. Rising unemployment in the territory had resulted in long lines at local Department of Labor offices and high client discontent along with an added strain on the government resources to provide help to the individuals seeking employment help. Job advertisements in the local newspapers did not present the complete information to the job seekers and were an expensive medium for a long and tiring job hunting process. Virgin Islands first and only job portal TABS research and technology teams paired together to design and introduce the most suitable labor market solution for the Virgin Islands. Detailed requirement gathering process was initiated by contacting both the job seekers and employers in the islands and system architecture and design was finalized to offer maximum benefit to the system users and after years of hard work Virgin Islands’ first and only job portal was launched, Career.VI. This great platform allows Virgin Islands employers to post their job openings absolutely free. This portal also provides one-stop resource to the job seekers who wish to get a job in US and British Virgin Islands. Virgin Islands employers can post and manage their job postings; job seekers can create professional resumes with the state-of-the art resume builder, integrated with the portal, and manage their job applications with ease. Career.VI also allows job applicants to network with others to land on their dream job. Employers can meet their legal obligations by informing the Virgin Islands Department of Labor of their job opening by posting it on Career.VI. TABS’ Commitment This project started as TABS’s internal venture and within no time, became the leading and only job portal in the Virgin Islands with thousands of registered job seekers from within the islands and around the world seeking employment in the beautiful American Paradise. TABS finds itself highly committed to the communities around it and introduction of Career.VI is one example of our commitment towards the Virgin Islands’ communities. Enriched with features like FAXIT, Resume Builder, Competitor, Job Agent, and many others, Career.VI offers the most powerful job hunting tools in the Virgin Islands and helping thousands of job seekers in reaching their goals. Note: Career.VI is the fully owned subsidiary of TABS and a sister company of BIZVI LLC. For more details please visit

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