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Career Assessment and Guidance System



Career Assessment and Guidance System

Can technology help in guiding our youth to meet their career goals? With more than 40 million Youth, United States faces the challenge of high (more than 15% and even higher in minority youth) unemployment amongst its young population. While in schools and colleges, American youth widely stay unclear about their career goals and lack of proper career guidance results in either high drop-out rates or they simply lose focus towards their career interests. Education sector facing billions of dollars of cuts has been unable to provide satisfactory career counseling resources to the students, leaving more than 81 million children without proper career guidance. U.S. Labor Department has also announced deep cuts into much needed Summer Youth Employment Programs across the nation while further deteriorating the possibility of gaining job market insight by the American Generation Next. Challenge: Deep education and labor sectors’ budget cuts and lack of career guidance and counseling opportunities for American youth has generated the demand for a robust and comprehensive career assessment and guidance system. TABS Career Assessment and Guidance System Our deep understanding of both labor and education sectors in the U.S. has encouraged us to seek the most appropriate solution for American youth that can help bridge the gap between their current education status and future career aspirations. Our commitment to this important cause and the country brought our technology, research, and training teams together in designing, developing and introducing the America’s first most comprehensive, one-stop, career assessment and guidance system, Career Dots. We believe that its all about connecting the dots when we look back at our career pathways; therefore, decided to help connect the career dots for our next generation. Undertaking of this great challenge has not been easy as we hit many roadblocks trying to perfect the solution for our youth. More than twenty five planning and assessment features for both job and higher education sectors provide the users the most comprehensive and unique career guidance. Why TABS: TABS is not just a technology based solutions provider but an active partner in its community success. In all the projects we do, social well-being of the society we serve is paramount to us. By introducing the America’s first most comprehensive career assessment and guidance system, we are confident that more informed and prepared American youth benefits all. What Can You Expect More? We believe that our work on this front is not yet done and there is much to do for our youth. Therefore, we commit our energies to continuously improve and enhance Career Dots to meet the career needs of our next generation. In addition, we believe this platform can also provide additional economic opportunities to thousands of Americans. Note: Career Dots is a fully owned subsidiary of Trans-Atlantic Business Solutions (TABS). Visit for more details.

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